Questions To Ask To Any Spine Surgeon before Going for Spine Surgery

January 31, 2017

The spine is the base of your body. If you are looking for spine surgery, it is critical to find the best surgeon to help you to get rid of your spine related problem. Spine surgery, if done correctly, can improve your life dramatically, but if botched, it can cause a lifetime of pain. It is important to find the best spine surgeon who can perform the surgery well and give you the best results.

The questions below will help you figure out the best surgeon for your Spine Surgery in Palm Beach.

1. There is nothing wrong with asking questions such as, “How many times you have performed this operation?”. Knowing the answer will help you to decide if the surgeon has the experience required to perform the spine surgery.

2. It is important for the surgeon to be fellowship trained in spine surgery.

3. Ask the surgeon whether he/she is board certified.

4. Testimonials from prior patients can be a good way to learn how their surgery experience was.

5. Ask the doctor who he/she would recommend if you want a second opinion.

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