It Starts with an Exceptional Spinal Surgeon

Dr. Alexander Lenard is renowned for his skill as one the finest spinal surgeons anywhere. It is why doctors from around the world refer their patients to him.

Dr. Alexander N. Lenard, MD, is an expert spinal surgeon certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.  Dr. Lenard excels at performing a wide variety of corrective spinal surgeries for many different spinal conditions, and his peers consider him to be one of the best spine surgeons in Florida.

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Expert Patient Care is More Than Just a Sucessful Back Surgery

Dr. Lenard and his staff treat every patient with respect, patience, and care.

We understand that any surgery is scary, and spinal surgery is especially so. Dr. Lenard takes the time to fully explain all of your options. Should you choose to have surgery, you can rest easy as Dr. Lenard and his team calmly explain the entire process to you.

We are there for you before the procedure, and after, to ensure you get the best medical care available anywhere.

It's Your Back. We've Got it!

We understand how scary back surgery can be. We will hold your hand every step of the way.

Failed Prior Back Surgeries are NOT a Problem for Dr. Lenard

Many doctors around the world refer their patients with failed back surgeries and severe back conditions to Dr. Lenard.

As a renowned spinal expert, Dr. Lenard is referred some of the most diffcult, complex cases anywhere, including failed prior back surgeries.

So regardless of the back pain you are experiencing, Dr. Lenard can probably help reduce or eliminate that pain. Don’t wait any longer to start living a happier, more productive life.