Why Choose Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery for Back Pain?

June 30, 2017

Despite several months or years of nonsurgical treatments, back pain can become intolerable. If you are still suffering from chronic, unbearable back pain in spite of several conservative treatments, your physician may recommend back surgery. Choosing the right type of back surgery in Florida for your spine condition usually depends on the location of your condition.

Depending upon the damaged area of spine, surgeons can use different minimally invasive techniques to perform the surgery. With the advances in medical technology and orthopedic surgery, minimally invasive spine surgery has become increasingly popular. In this procedure, specialized instruments are used to access the spine through small incisions. Patients who suffer from chronic back pain are finding minimally invasive spine surgery an excellent alternative to traditional open back surgery.

When performed by an experienced spine surgeon, a minimally invasive procedure reduces the risk and recovery time. The advantages of this procedure include a shorter hospital stay, less narcotic use, potentially shorter recovery time, and less pain. The procedure is performed by making a small, 1-inch incision. As minimally invasive spine surgery does not involve a long incision, it avoids major damage to the muscles surrounding the spine.

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